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Documents, images, brand names and all content within this site belong to Advan s.r.l.; if not, their use is granted to Advan s.r.l. by third parties. Reproduction of the material contained therein is prohibited.

Advan s.r.l.’s liability

The company accepts no liability either in relation to the content of this site and to any unauthorised use thereof by third parties or for any corruption arising from the access, interconnection and downloading of material and computer programmes from this website.
Therefore, Advan s.r.l. will not be liable for any damage, lost profits or harm of whatsoever nature that third parties may suffer because of any contact with this website or alternatively due to the use of anything published thereon as well as in respect of any software used.
Any information that was spontaneously transmitted by third parties to the website can be freely used by Advan s.r.l..

Advan’s translation rules applicable to this website

Our aim is to offer accurate texts in your language.
Therefore, we try to translate the website to the greatest extent possible, in all target languages used by our clients.


Translation rules:

01. The source language is Italian.
The seat of Advan s.r.l. is located in Italy; as such, the company writes all internal documents in Italian.
The content of this website was initially written in Italian and later translated in other target languages.

02. English or Italian texts can coexist with content written in a third language.
English or Italian content can be published on the website version written in another language. Therefore, the coexistence of English, Italian and a third language on the same page is acceptable. This can happen for the following reasons:

02.a Content was published before being translated.
Our priority is to publish accurate and appropriate information in the language of our clients. Sometimes it is necessary to publish information urgently. For this reason we publish urgent texts in Italian, we translate them in English and later in all other website languages.

02.b Content was not translated-
For legal, regulatory or technical reasons, not every text published on the website can be translated, such as the company’s official paperwork, technical specifications, quality documents, regulations and internal communications. Their content cannot be translated and will be displayed only in Italian, regardless of the website selected target language.

If you notice any mistakes in our translations or if you wish to send us any comment regarding our website, please contact us at the following e-mail address:

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