No limits in titanium components design

An universal titanium base for the flexibility of the digital workflow

Available in two different diameters to fulfill any clinical need.
We recommend the use of titanium milling tools and milling machines for the preparation of this prosthetic component. The Premilled abutment is available for the following connections: GTB, GFA, ONE Internal, ONE Conical and ONE External.

The Premilled abutments system is linked to the clinical needs of the patients.
This prosthetic component is equipped with a premilled connection with all the characteristics and all the strict tolerances of implant system guarantee by ADVAN.
The Premilled abutment allows you to have customized transgingival design, regardless implant position; moreover this
prosthetic system reduces production times and allows to orient each insertion axis of the secondary prosthesis.

Prosthodontics of Advan’s implant using Premilled

Step 1


Screw the scan abutment onto the Advan implant platform or GFA prosthodontics platform

The scan abutment for the Advan implant system must be purchased directly from Advan authorized dealers

Scan to detect the implant’s position®

Step 2

Ordering the Premilled abutment

Order the correct Advan Premilled abutment/crown

Step 3

Choice of the component, designing and milling

Select the Advan Premilled abutment on the software and design the abutment

Mill the designed abutment

Step 4

Finalization and modeling of the crown

Check the obtained customized abutment and proceed to prepare the crown.

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