Ti-Base Abutment

Titanium base for restorations

Low-cost workflow to produce customized abutments.


Ti-Base is the titanium base for CAD/CAM restorations.
It contributes to a low-cost workflow to produce customized abutments.

  • Accurate digital acquisition of the implant position through the scanning abutment: extraoral, with a model, or intraoral.
  • Abutment design through CAD software.
  • Realization of the mesostructure or abutment crowns from a block.
  • Ti-Base adhesive connection with sintered mesostructure or abutment crown.
  • Available in two heights to allow for maximum flexibility in case of customized restorations and due regard for individual patient characteristics.
  • Compatible with the Cerec system by Dentsply Sirona with S connection.




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