CMA Custom Made Abutment

A system to produce customized abutments according to the clinical-prosthetic needs of each patient.

Industrial precision, tailor-made customization

CMA Custom Made Abutment is used to manufacture highly precise, tailor-made abutments that perfectly adapt to the clinical needs of every patient.

With the pre-milled CMA Custom-Made Abutment technique, the user can develop the abutment morphology with any CAD system always ensuring the perfect coupling of implant and abutment.

The CMA Custom-Made Abutment system enables the creation of the ideal abutment design for surgical-prosthetic needs by milling a custom-made abutment that is already equipped with a pre-processed connection in line with the strict tolerances required by the quality of the GTB connection.

The CMA Custom-Made Abutment technique always allows for tailor-made transmucosal routes, regardless of the implant position and, consequently, for saving in time and a high surgical-prosthetic predictability.

The creation of custom-made abutments with the CMA Custom-Made Abutment technique is simple, safe and advisable from a clinical point of view.

The CMA Custom-Made Abutment is compatible with most milling machines available on the market that can operate on pre-milled abutment blanks.

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