ONE, the universal
therapeutic solution

Modularity, simplicity and digital nature. The implant system designed to solve every situation.


Advan pursues an innovative vision of implantology: putting
the implant system at the center of the digital flow as fundamental
and essential need of the dental team

The first
modular implant system

Simplified prosthetic system. No bacterial infiltration.

Digital Workflow

Good for you, good for your patient. Reduce time, decrease the margins of unpredictability and manage the relationship with the patient in a more efficient way.

A new way of conceiving implantology with more than 20 years of experience

Guaranteed and constant quality for high-end dental implantology. With our 20 year-long experience gained in the sector, we are proud to introduce to you Advan’s innovations.

GTB implant systems

From osseointegrated implant systems to biologically integrated implant solutions: the GTB system lays the basis for the future of implant prosthodontics. Discover this product line of proven quality and reliability.


The most-frequently asked questions about dental implants. Warranties, costs, biocompatibility, etc. Simple and immediate answers to familiarize yourself with the main features of a dental implant.

Advan Implantology

ADVAN develops, designs and manufactures products for Italian and European dental professionals with the aim of offering them a substantial competitive edge to preserve the success of their dental practice, enhance clinical professionalism and provide their practice the opportunity to become digitally advanced through the best quality, durability and results.

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