We reinvent implantology

A new project…
based on more than 25 years of experience!

Digital Projecting

Advan pursues an innovative vision of implantology: the implant system is at the heart of the digital flow as an essential necessity of the dental team to best satisfy the needs of their patients.

It is open and can be integrated into any kind of digital workflow

Top-quality implants

Advan offers professionals the most innovative implant systems, based on safe, modern and innovative biological concepts, on sound scientific literature and validated by proven clinical experience and enthusiasm deriving from a successful clinical follow-up.

Predictability and safety are the “pillars” underpinning our approach to implant systems

Digital Manufacturing

Thanks to the flexibility of the project, its productive capacity and total control of the manufacturing flow (from design to manufacture of all parts), Advan satisfies the specific needs of modern dental clinics and laboratories.

Nothing is ready-made, everything is manufactured according to our clients’ specific needs. This is our tailor-made implantology.

Customer Support

Advan aims to provide dental professionals with safe, reliable and professionally efficient products.

Thanks to scientific research, clinical cases, know-how and continuous professional development training Advan offers safe and reliable products…always!

Our mission

With R&D activities and a quality service, Advan supports its clients, listens to their needs and transforms such needs into devices and solutions that meet the health and wellbeing needs expressed by patients.

Thanks to the scientific support of its opinion leaders, Advan matches experience to constant and great attention to the development of materials, to passion for innovation and cutting-edge technologies as well as clinical trends in its sector.

Our manufacturing process

Our manufacturing process

Highest safety standards

Our commercial and administrative headquarters include warehouses for finished and semi-finished products, an 80 m2 ISO class 7 clean room, a laboratory for surface washing and treatment, a manufacturing area devoted to quality control, assembling, packaging and labelling.

Certified standards

Certified standards

Compliance for any medical project

Any project is entirely developed according to international norms, in particular to ISO 13485 and MDD 93/42 standards. Thanks to our acquired competences and experience, Advan is always ready to understand the clinical needs emerging in the dentistry field and transform them into reliable industrial medical products, ready to be launched on the market.

We build excellence

We build excellence

Highest innovation and quality

Product development is the result of the perfect balance between both medical and engineering sectors. It is thus possible to design innovative systems where product perfection is sought through the accurate study of design, biological phenomena, risk analysis and every detail that can ease the dentist’s work, increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

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