ONE - from implant to therapeutical solution

The ONE Implant System has been designed with the over 25 years experience of Advan in the design, production and sale of dental implants and instruments dedicated to implant prosthetic rehabilitation.

Ideal in every situation


Market researches show that the clinician today has to choose among multiple brands. One for the most complex cases and one to better satisfy patient needs and contain costs. ONE is the definitive solution. Fair price, flexibility and guaranteed results make ONE ideal in every situation.


One has everything professionals require!


Fair price, product quality and performance quality in all clinical cases. One is specifically designed on the basis of market studies.



  • One is reliability because it originates from two large companies in the sector, a manufacturer and a distributor, that design internally and realize the best implant solutions
  • One is simple. Easy to use even by untrained teams.
  • One is flexibility. One offers the three most common implant connections.
  • One, a surgical box, a method, a choice, a solution..



Up today, over 400.000 Advan’s implants have been positioned in thousands of patients.

  • Advan guarantees professionals thanks to the great experience gained on the field and documented by years of research and investigation.
  • Every step of manufacturing process is performed in Advan’s production facility
  • Basing on our experience in the digital workflow we can suggest you the best choice to create your own digital environment


1 implant design, 3 different connections

The ONE system is characterized by a single surgical kit and a single
fixture design but available with three different connections:

INTERNAL HEXAGONAL, to easily manage most of the clinical cases, from single implant to full arch rehabilitation, without changing the professional’s habits (connection compatible with the most widespread internal connection system in the world);
INTERNAL CONICAL, to better manage the hard and soft tissues in the aesthetic sectors or when the tissue availability requires an accurate management of the connective gingival (connection compatible with the Advan GTB Implant System).
EXTERNAL HEXAGONAL, for money saving implant rehabilitations such as Toronto Bridge or Overdenture (connection compatible with the most widespread external connection system in the world);


Surgical procedures easy and suitable for any level of experience

The drills sequence is easy and intuitive, does not require specific rotating instruments and is based on the most widespread drills sequence so that ONE Implant System can be easily used even by professionals who has recently invested in a new surgical kit or that has just replaced the drills.


Native Platform Shifting for any fixture diameter

The prosthetic connection, regardless of the type of connection chosen, guarantees a native platform shifting present on all implants diameters. Furthermore, the single connection diameter makes the implant prosthodontics quick and save.


The best industrial quality for the best clinical results

The prosthetic components have been carefully selected to allow you to work with ease but maintaining a high aesthetic&funcional standard, that’s all is needed by modern dental practice.

The dental practice should always choose an implant systems that allow to achieve the pre-established result using just a limited number of prosthetic components, everything perfectly integrated into the most widespread digital diagnostic systems and digital prosthodontics production: ONE is a Native Digital System.

Future proof


ONE is an implant system designed to perfectly adapt into actual end future digital environment. The digital workflow is changing the way professionals work, in better, in a more efficient way. Your next implant system has to support you to digitalize your daily clinic routine.

Ready to take a step further


The great versatility and compatibility makes ONE Implant System ideal for professionals who need to switch the implant prosthetic connection in relation of the prosthetic rehabilitation. ONE Implant System becomes an incredibly efficient and effective tool for dental practice with multiple implant surgeons, each with its own philosophy of work, ensuring a standardization of workflow and material supply.

Maximum integration


 Advan’s experience in managing the digital workflow allows all our customers to update their workflow or to ask for a perfect integration of Advan’s Implant System with the workflow already established.

Scarica librerie Advan

Scarica gratuitamente le libreri digitali per il tuo sistema di progettazione. Segui le semplici istruzioni per installare il software.

Advan propone un catalogo completo di prodotti studiati per il workflow digitale


Chairside milling with Cerec® by Dentsply Sirona


An universal titanium base for the flexibility of the digital workflow


No limits in titanium components design


Titanium abutments designed for the digital workflow


An implant replica designed to be used with confidence even in models realized by 3D printing

Scan Abutment

A scan abutment designed to be used with intraoral optical scanners, benchtop optical scanners or microtasters

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