Titanium abutments designed for the digital workflow


The EASy prosthodontics system is provided with EASy Skin-Caps to allow you taking full advantage of the One Time Abutment approach. These retentive caps offer four fundamental functions during the immediate loading prosthetic rehabilitation with EASy abutments:

  • Make a direct impression of EASy abutment;
  • Used as EASy scan body;
  • Reline a temporary crown for EASy abutment;
  • Realize the cap fusion of the definitive crown for EASy abutment.

Titanium abutments designed for the digital workflow

The EASy Skin-Cap can be used as scan body to perform an accurate digital acquisition of the implant position: extraoral on the model and intraoral with the patient.

The shape of the EASy abutment is designed to be reproduced by laboratory milling machines allowing safer and faster results with the digital workflow

Available in 4 heights and 3 angulations to allow maximum flexibility for customized restoration and respect for biological width

Available for GTB implants, with its conical connection and concave profile fulfill all the requirements of reliability and guarantees of Advanced Tissue Management

Prosthodontics of Advan’s implant with the EASy system

Step 1

Choosing the gingival height and ordering the EASy abutment

Choose the correct gingival height and angulation of the EASy abutment

A set of autoclavable abutments replicas available from authorized Advan dealers

Order the correct EASy abutment

The EASy abutment package includes 2 Skin Cap. The Skin Cap can also be sold separately from authorized Advan dealers

Step 2


Screw the EASy abutment onto the implant or onto the implant replica

Insert the Skin Cap onto the EASy abutment and scan

Step 3

Design and milling

Select the EASy abutment on the software and design the crown

Mill the designed crown

Step 4


Check the crown in place and refine it if necessary.
Cement the crown obtained on the EASy abutment previously placed on the implant.

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