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Advan: 25 years of clinical research
and industrial evolution 

Advan has been researching, developing and manufacturing
implants since 1993.
In collaboration with renowned international clinics, research institutes and universities, Advan has pioneered many of the most influential and groundbreaking technologies and techniques in implant dentistry, with the aim to enhance implant success and improve patient experience.

Advan products and technologies were designed to enhance implant success and improve patient experience. Advan original implant BioPlatform allow the bone itself to protect the implant form the bacterial infiltration. Advan original High Biologic Performance implant design allows the surgeon to use smaller and shorter implants so that they can be placed always in the right position and angulation to respect lifetime the biological peri-implant tissues.

Dental implant therapy

Advan offers a wide range of high quality implant system solutions to improve your life quality and self esteem.

Single tooth missing

Have you lost a tooth and are now unsure what to do about it? Does your dentist have to extract a tooth form your mouth and you don’t think it’s necessary to replace it?

Multiple teeth missing

Didn’t you remember the last time you bit your favorite crunchy food? Did you prefer avoid public speaking because of problems with your teeth? Did you have a prosthesis that causes you trouble and discomfort instead of the support you need?

People in the world are missing teeth

People in Italy are missing teeth

Missing teeth in Britain

People in North America are missing teeth

*conclusion based on several dental reports
The reasons why are numerous and include accident, illness and insufficient care.

Why do dentists choose Advan?

A pioneer in implant dentistry

Astonishing scientific based clinical follow-up

Over 400 thousand implants positioned in thousand of patiences

Innovative biological, clinical and technical solutions

Quality manufacture entirely based in Italy

fter implant surgery and rehabilitaton is strictly necessary to make regular control visits, usually every 6 months. During these visits your dentist will check dental implants and will verify the correct oral hygiene and the right dental occlusion. The bacterial plaque control is very important to prevent gingival infections and bone loss processes. Due to this fact, patient must be previously informed about the correct procedures of dental care and hygiene.

After an easily surgical phase and a correct prosthetic rehabilitation it is really important to follow all the procedures of hygiene recommended by your dentist. Predictable and comfortable lifetime logevity of dental implants are strictly linked to this simples rules.

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