Advan Digital libraries

Download the libraries to expand your digital workflow for free. Choose your development environment between 3Shape and Exocad.


3Shape library

Zip Format – 8,6 MB

Library content
  • 3Shape GFA
  • 3Shape GTB – ONE Conical
  • 3Shape MUA
  • 3Shape ONE Internal
How to install
  1. Open Control Panelin Dental System by clicking on the related icon.
  2. Click onImport/Export in the Tool category inside the control panel.
  3. An “Import/Export” window will open; click on Material Import.
  4. Choose the .DME file in the opened folder and click on “Open”.
  5. Once the operation completes a message will appear confirming the installation.
  6. Save the changes on 3Shape Dental System control panel.

Exocad library

Zip Format – 23,6 MB

Library content
  • Exocad GFA
  • Exocad GTB – ONE Conical
  • Exocad MUA
  • Exocad ONE Internal
How to install
  1. Open your Local Disk (C:) in Windows Explorer.
  2. Click on Program Files (x86) folder.
  3. Choose exocad DentalCAD folder (by clicking the current version).
  4. Click on DentalCADApp.
  5. Choose Library folder.
  6. Choose Implant folder.
  7. Copy ADVAN libraries from implant folder.
  8. Close the folder.



Do not import compressed archives, just uncompressed folders!

DentalWings Library

Zip Format – 27,2 MB

Library content
  • DWings GFA
  • DWings GTB – ONE Conical
  • DWings MUA
  • DWings ONE Internal
How to install

The folder includes a video tutorial of the CAD DentalWings library installation procedure.

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