Gingival Former Abutment

Patent Pending The system that enables to transform a crestal or subcrestal implant into a transmucosal implant. Modularity to preserve tissues.

It allows professionals to bring the same implant-abutment connection at tissue level, thus easing future prosthetic procedures. .

The GFA system is a prosthetic system for GTB dental implants that conceptually allows for transforming a submerged implant, both crestal and subcrestal, into a transmucosal implant. The GFA main part should no longer be removed during prosthetic rehabilitation (if need be, it is nonetheless possible to remove it easily). It can be used both as a healing abutment and as a new prosthetic platform for secondary prosthetic components. This prevents the formation of a deep epithelial attachment around the healing screw and consequently around the prosthetic abutment.
How does this happen? The implant’s connection is duplicated and positioned at the same level as the prosthetic platform of the GFA main component. Thus, it is possible to choose to raise to the coronal position the same connection that is available at the implant’s prosthetic platform level, bringing the implant-abutment connection to the tissue level, making future prosthetic procedures easier.

The GFA system is made up of two components:

  1. one main part called Gingival Former
  2. a number of secondary components to use depending on the prosthetic rehabilitation you want to achieve.

Once you have chosen the gingival height according to the available biologic width, it is possible to place the main GFA component and leave it in position during all successive prosthetic steps. It is thus possible to avoid the formation of a deep epithelial attachment, the resulting risk due to the formation of a peri-implant pocket that can be caused by the repeated positioning and subsequent removal of healing and prosthetic components and the risk of a bacterial colonization of the mucosal channel during the removal of any prosthetic component.

The development and conservation of a soft tissue attachment around the micro-grooves of the GFA abutment is the key for the development and conservation of a biological seal; this is the only condition to guarantee a long-term biological and esthetical result in the dental implantology field.

Today, the GTB+GFA modular system is the best biomechanical solution for a dental implant system:

  1. Subcrestal positioning
    • Improved osseointegration
    • Better preservation of marginal bone tissue
    • Greater stability of peri-implant soft tissues
    • Better preservation of the biologic width
  2. From bone level to tissue level
    • Real “one-time abutment” prosthetic approach
    • Highest protection of soft tissue attachment
    • Slim, concave emerging profile for the utmost protection of soft tissues
    • Double conical connection for safe and predictable prosthetic restorations
    • 5 different transmucosal heights to adapt the system to any clinical case
  3. Tissue-level prostheses
    • Easy prosthetic procedure
    • Direct impression of GFA connection
    • Cover screw available in 3 different heights
    • Highest protection of peri-implant tissues
    • Suitable for single crown, bridge and full arch restorations
    • Suitable for cemented and screw-retained prosthetic restorations

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