Patent Pending Its body design, thread, geometry and structure make GTB TZERO the best implant for immediate load, with controlled and gradual transmission of masticatory load.

Highest protection of soft and hard tissues, with the highest primary stability.


The GTB TZERO implant screw was designed keeping in mind the same aim of GTB systems, namely the preservation of peri-implant hard and soft tissues, but with an innovative thread design.
The GTB TZERO implant does not feature just a single double-lead thread, but two double-lead threads, one apical thread and one coronal thread, perfectly joined together.
Thanks to this feature, the implant can be easily inserted in the bone, even in case of significant under-preparation of the implant site.
This guarantees – from a clinical point of view- to always obtain good primary stability values for immediate prosthetic procedures without the need to resort to marginal bone press-fit techniques. Indeed, according to the GTB philosophy, the marginal bone should be protected from any mechanical, non-physiological insult.




Cylindrical implant neck
It limits the load on the cortical bone

Conical implant root.
Ideal distribution of masticatory load, minimum tensile forces and maximum compressive forces.

Double-lead, progressive and modified reverse buttress thread design.
Fast insertion, primary stability and perfect load transmission.
Increased bone to implant contact (BIC).

Double-lead apical thread perfectly joined with the coronal thread.
Fast insertion, primary stability, it can be inserted even in case of soft bone under-preparation, no compressive stress on the compact bone.

Active self-tapping apex.
It allows professionals to perform a vertical under-preparation in the soft bone.

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