Easy Abutment System

A ready-to-use solution, available with a large combination of transmucosal heights and angles

To quickly reline temporary crowns without having to modify the abutment..

The EASy prosthetic system was designed to provide professionals with a ready-to-use prosthetic solution, available with a vast combination of transmucosal heights and angles, allowing professionals to quickly perform prosthetic rehabilitation with high aesthetic value.

The transmucosal profile of EASy abutments follows GTB philosophy facilitating the surgical procedure for subcrestal implant placement and the correct conditioning of peri-implant tissues to comply with the biologic width. The abutment is already shaped in the coronal area, thus allowing for a quick relining of temporary crowns without having to modify the abutment itself.

Finally, the skin-caps, provided together with EASy abutments, allow taking full advantage of the One Time Abutment approach, enabling professionals to make a direct impression of the abutment with the closed tray technique and to quickly reline provisional crowns.

EASy Skin Cap

These retention caps allow for three fundamental functions during prosthetic rehabilitation with immediate loading through EASy abutments:

  • making a direct impression of EASy abutments;
  • relining a temporary crown for EASy abutments;
  • manufacturing the definitive crown for EASy abutments.

EASy Skin Caps feature retention elements for both impression phase and relining phase of provisional resin.
The retention elements can be easily removed with drills or scalpels to better suit the cap to the specific situation.
Internally, EASy Skin Caps feature a flat surface that matches the face of the EASy abutments.
The coupling marginal point between the EASy Skin Caps and the EASy abutment is already achieved with precision: therefore, it should be neither defined in the relining phase of the provisional crown nor in the modelling phase of the definitive crown, thus saving time.
EASy Skin Caps for EASy abutments have 5 markers that make them suitable as a scan body for EASy abutments.

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