We believe that passion is the engine of evolution, the decisive drive that has allowed us, through our work, to be recognised and appreciated internationally.

We carry on researching, innovating and developing high quality products. Our belief is rooted in our background, in the teachings we have received and in our desire to improve day after day in order to always give the best.



A strong, united and winning team that with commitment, dedication and competence pursues excellence in dentistry with determination.

The entrepreneurial vision of our CEO Mario Zearo is clear: “Innovating, in implantology, is an unavoidable choice: we can decide how quickly to bring the benefits of innovation to our partners. The sooner the better.”

We choose to do this by keeping the entire production cycle in Italy to guarantee the careful and scrupulous processing and authenticity of each individual product.

The complexity and importance of the projects realised have grown steadily, allowing the company to expand its abilities and competencies in all areas that require innovative skills of excellence and characterise implant systems of the highest level.

The staff consists of highly qualified and specialised workers and personnel capable of finding state-of-the-art solutions in the design, technical and scientific fields.



Research and development, constant updating of skills to evaluate and validate innovative evidence-based clinical concepts that improve and simplify the clinical work of the dentist.

Competence, awareness, attention to detail and experience are crucial for the success of each product: we look far ahead to reach new horizons of progress and oral health, of innovation and implant design, to keep on being a reference point in implantology, distinguishing ourselves for quality, skill and clinical evidence.

Each new design must overcome the previous one, guaranteeing a necessary attention to the environment, respecting nature and biology.

In Advan, experience is combined with constant and meticulous attention to developments in materials, a passion for innovation, the most up-to-date production technologies and the clinical guidelines of its sector, supported by the scientific contribution of our Opinion Leaders and clinical studies in collaboration with leading Universities.

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