Chairside milling with Cerec® by Dentsply Sirona

Patient expectations regarding tooth replacement are increasing when it comes to esthetic and treatment duration.
With the Advan Ti-Base for Cerec® access to the chairside implant-borne workflow and offer to your patient quick and esthetic restoration with flexibility and peace of mind. Additionally, this allows to master the whole processes within the dental practice and their added value.

Chairside milling with Cerec® by Dentsply Sirona

Scan body allows an accurate digital acquisition of the implant position: extraoral on the model and intraoral with the patient

Available in two heights to allow maximum flexibility for customized restoration and respect for biological widths

Available for GTB implant system, with its conical connection and concave profile it fulfill all the requirements of reliability and guarantees of Advanced Tissue Management

Prosthodontics of Advan’s implant with the Cerec® system

Step 1

Gingival height selection and Ti-Base order

Choose the correct gingival height of the Advan Ti-Base for Cerec®

Order the correct Advan Ti-Base for Cerec®

The scanbody for Ti-Base must be purchased only from authorized Cerec® dealers

Step 2

Intraoral scanning

Screw the Advan Ti-Base for Cerec® onto the implant

Insert the scanbody on the Advan Ti-Base for Cerec®

Step 3

Design and milling

Select the Advan Ti-Base for Cerec® and model the crown using the CAD software

Mill the designed crown using
the Cerec® system

Step 4

Relining and fixation

Check the crown in place and refine it if necessary.
Glue the crown onto the Advan Ti-Base for Cerec® and secure the prosthesis to the implant.

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