Advan…ced Digital Enviroment

Resources for the digital workflow

Everything you need as asual but looking towards the digital workflow


Advan is fully committed to create digital solutions for its customers, both to support better efficiency and effectiveness of the digital workflow and to accompany professionals who are approaching the digital workflow. All the components that allow the professional to customize prosthetic rehabilitations are made by Advan that guarantees the high quality standards and offers a lifetime warranty on the mechanical resistance of these components.


Very important in the digital workflow is to be able to choose the different elements that compose this environment and to be sure that all the modules interfaces precisely with each other: this way has to be the digital workflow and this is the way Advan guarantees the customers thanks to a wide and detailed know-how of all the working tools that can create any digital work environment. 


Chairside milling with Cerec® by Dentsply Sirona


An universal titanium base for the flexibility of the digital workflow


No limits in titanium components design


Titanium abutments designed for the digital workflow


An implant replica designed to be used with confidence even in models realized by 3D printing

Scan Abutment

A scan abutment designed to be used with intraoral optical scanners, benchtop optical scanners or microtasters

CAD/CAM libraries


Advan implant systems are designed to use the latest digital methods and customization of prosthetic products using CAD software and CAM milling machines.

These libraries allow the prosthetist and the laboratory technician to manage Advan implant systems with the most widespread products on the global market.

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