SyEasy system

Simple, reliable, tested.

A tried-and-tested implant design, a synonym for ease of implant positioning and guaranteed clinical result.

The SYEASY implant system with conical core and cylindrical thread follows a standard that has been widely used for over twenty years, to which a universally known clinical protocol applies. The deep inner connection with hexagonal anti-rotation index ensures the stability of prosthetic abutments. The technical specifications of implant screws, prosthetic components and surgical instruments make the SYEASY system simple to use, for both dental clinic and laboratory.

The threaded cylindrical implant screws find a good primary stability in all bone qualities. The self-threading geometry allows professionals to avoid the tapping process in most situations. Accuracy and reliability: the parts are manufactured with very tight production tolerances and ensure the highest coupling precision, resulting in a high reliable product with excellent long-term success rates.


An implant system that features constantly updated prosthetic components to meet the requirements of modern implantology and prosthodontics: from single tooth to full mouth restoration. The prosthetic components are characterized by the precision of couplings, the wide product range and their simple use for both dental clinic and laboratory. Traditional products such as conical posts, compact overdenture abutments and castable abutments offer flexible and cost-competitive solutions.

In case of single tooth restorations, there is the chance to use traditional solutions such as customised titanium abutments or personalized abutments through the cast-on technique up to the most recent CAD-CAM methods for the construction of prosthetic components with high aesthetic value.

With twenty years of experience in implant surfaces, Plan1Health offers a double treatment: the coronal portion of the implant undergoes the OsseoGRIP treatment, while the rest is covered with CP Ti Plasma Spray to preserve the crestal bone and guarantee a high primary stability in case of a mature bone and in case of immediate post-extraction protocols.

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