Your trump card for complex conditions: the GTB RESCUE implant with BioPlatform is the best solution to be used when bone quality does not offer enough support.

Variable thread design warranting the highest BIC.

The GTB RESCUE implant screw was developed to offer professionals an efficient instrument to obtain primary stability in particularly soft bones and when, consequently, it is necessary to use significantly short implants featuring a non-progressive thread design.
Hence it is always recommended to place the GTB RESCUE at a subcrestal level to avoid marginal bone loss, which is a typical consequence of traditional osseointegrated implantology.
GTB RESCUE, thanks to the larger diameter of its threads, is a particularly valuable implant solution when it is necessary to stabilize the dental implant by exploiting its diameter rather than its length.
Its thread features a variable, thinner section to ensure the highest BIC even if the implant has a non-progressive thread design.

Cylindrical profile of coronal threads
Highest stability even in poor bone quality sites and easy stabilization in post-extractive sites

Conical implant root
Ideal distribution of masticatory load, minimum tensile forces and maximum compressive forces

Double-lead, progressive and variable thread design 10-30→10-10
Fast insertion, primary stability and perfect load transmission.
Increased bone to implant contact (BIC)

Atraumatic convex implant apex
It avoids accidental lacerations to the Schneiderian membrane

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