The histological and histomorphometrical examination were the gold standard in the qualitative and quantitative analyses of the peri-implant tissue around the implant. In recent years, the field of microscopy has witnessed a considerable enhancement of the performance of microscopes that have very high resolution performance and allowing very sophisticated analysis even larger than traditional preparations. The possibility to have an affordable analyses of whole implant with the surrounding different tissues (soft and hard tissues) without the traditional pre-treatment necessary for the histological analysis may represent a goal to describe material properties and behaviors or simply to visualize structural details. The aim of the present study were to evaluate a 3D X-ray microscopic analysis of peri-implant tissue compared to a traditional histological and histomorphometrical analysis of the peri-implant tissues around an implant with a conical connection associated with platform-switching in order to assess the validity of the new analysis technique.

Key words

marginal bone loss, morse taper connection, platform-switching, X-ray microscopes analysis.

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