Multiple teeth missing

Find the best and long-lasting solution with your dentist.

Multiple teeth missing

Find the best and long-lasting solution with your dentist.

Didn’t you remember the last time you bit your favorite crunchy food?

Did you prefer avoid public speaking because of problems with your teeth?
Did you have a prosthesis that causes you trouble and discomfort instead of the support you need?

Consequences of badly fitting dentures

Discomfort and inconvenient handling

You might be unhappy with the fit of your dental prosthesis and this feeling is common to denture wearers. When a denture is not fitting perfectly it moves while eating and speaking. This is not only an unpleasant sensation but can even leads to painful inflammations.

Difficulties chewing and speaking

Dentures wearers have often difficulties to chew and when you can’t no more enjoy your preferred meals your life quality is getting worser. Dentures cover your palate, changing the way you taste food. Not perfectly fitting dentures affect your pronounce, keeping you from speaking freely in public.

Changes to your appearance

When your teeth, or tooth roots, are missing the jaw bone doesn’t receive anymore the physiological load and it starts resorbing causing your gum to be pulled back accordingly.

An important role is played everyday by your teeth.

We have good news!

The Zero Cantilever
treatment concept

To easily obtain excellent clinical results the implant system should provide both surgeon and prosthodontist a perfectly tuned package of products and protocols. The protocols have to be simple, fast and cost effective. On the other hand, the products have to be easy to use and grant to the dentist effectiveness and efficiency. For those reasons the Advan Dental Implant System combined in the same product the critical success factors that every dentist is looking for.

Benefits of Zero Cantilever

First steps to a new smile

Improved quality of life

Shorter treatment time

Supported by science

Invest in the rest of your life

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