Dental implant therapy

Is today’s treatment of choice

Dental implant therapy

Is today’s treatment of choice

Advan offers a wide range of high quality implant system solutions to improve your life quality and self esteem.

The decision to replace missing teeth with dental implants is an excellent investment in your oral health and appearance. Implants improve your life quality of and are cost-effective in the long period. If you have a problem we can solve it and cover all your needs. An healthy tooth not only means function. Teeth are one of the essential part of your appearance: when we look to others face we instinctively focus on eyes and mouth. So we agree with your expectations on natural esthetic of dental restorations.

There are a lot of implant systems in the market, but they are not all the same. Nowadays dental implant restoration is an oral treatment recognized as the gold standard for single tooth replacement and rehabilitation of complete edentulous mouth: this implant’s popularity made available on the market a lot of low-cost and, moreover, non-researched implant systems. Usually patients are not aware that there can be important differences in dental implant systems, including variations in quality&research and long-term clinical performance. Do you really would spend money for something not based on scientific research and facing premature failures or bacterial infection?  

Supported by science, inspired by nature

Modern dental implants

 Modern dental implants are small screws, made of biocompatible materials, fixed in your jawbone that take the place of your natural tooth roots. After a gently surgical procedure your dentist is allowed to mount a replacement teeth onto dental implants without any aesthetical difference from natural teeth.

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