The mini-implants of the MINIMAX system are suitable for partially edentulous mandibles or upper jaws to support single, fixed prosthetic elements or to stabilize removable prosthesis. The use of MINIMAX mini-implants must be combined with specific instruments and prosthetic components of the MINIMAX system.

In case of atrophic ridges, it is recommended using mini-implants for the following implant restorations:

  • rehabilitation of partial edentulism with a bone matrix deficiency in the lingual-vestibular or vestibular-palatal direction (especially if the bone thickness is less than 4 mm) and/or with a mesial-distal space between one tooth and the other, which is less than 5 mm wide;
  • stabilization of total removable prosthesis.
  • On the contrary, it is not recommended using mini-implants for the following clinical conditions:


  • if a classical implant can be used;
  • in post-extraction sites;
  • if bone density is particularly low (D4 type).

In the same rehabilitation it is possible to use both mini-implants and classical implants

The technical features of implant screws, prosthetic components and surgical instruments make the MINIMAX system easy to use for both dental practice and laboratory.

Components are produced with very tight tolerances and ensure the highest coupling precision, resulting in a high reliable product with excellent long-term success rates.

The prosthetic components, suitable for both types of mini-implants, feature precise couplings and are easy to use for both dental practice and laboratory.

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